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FC Pride Girls ECNL FAQ

FC Pride Related ECNL Questions (Updated 7/21/18)
Q: When will FC Pride officially start competing in the ECNL?
A: ECNL competition will start for the U13/U14 age groups in August of 2017. The High School age groups (U15-U19) will start after the high school seasons are complete.

Q: Which age groups will compete in the ECNL?
A: U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U18/U19.  The U16 and U18/19 age groups will also have composite teams.

Q How much will the ECNL program cost?
A: The FC Pride club fee for ECNL will be $2400.  

Q: What do ECNL club fees include?
A: Coaching fees; training fees; winter training; GPS performance monitoring; travel polo shirt; US Club Soccer and USYSA player registration and carding; insurance; showcase fees; tournament fees; referee fees; fees for on-site trainer for ECNL games.

Q: Can ECNL Players participate in High School Sports?
A: Yes, there are no high school restrictions.

Q: Will ECNL players be penalized for playing High School Sports?
A: No, not in the slightest.

Q: Does FC Pride have alternatives for players who do not want to participate in High School Soccer?
A: Yes. FC Pride offers a high school alternative program for players who want to play and train with the club all year around. The fall team competes in the Midwest Fall Soccer League (MFSL) with fellow ECNL clubs and other clubs such as Pacesetter and Greater Toledo.

Q: Will there be any differences for ECNL players in terms of travel?
A: Parents are not required to travel to away games for U15-U19 teams. It will be MANDATORY for U15-U19 ECNL players to travel with the club by charter bus to all ECNL away games when a bus needs to be taken. The exceptions would be the ECNL National events in Arizona, Florida and New Jersey, where families will be responsible for their own travel arrangements.

Q: What will each trip cost?
A: Each away trip fee will vary in cost due to distance and duration. Away trips will be paid separately. Travel fees for an ECNL away trip will be communicated to families no less than a month before traveling and will include an expense breakdown. Payment for travel will include bus and hotel when applicable. Fees will be collected by the club at least two weeks before the travel date. Players will be expected to share hotel rooms (3 or 4 players to a room). If the away travel fee is not handed in by the designated due date, the player will be ineligible for the away trip. We will work with families who need assistance with this cost if needed.

Q: How many away trips will each of our ECNL teams take?
A: For the girls, the ECNL season will include the following trips in the Club Travel Model:

Trip 1 vs. Ohio Elite – Cincinnati, OH (Day trip, no bus/hotel needed)

Trip 2 vs. Internationals SC/Ohio Premier – Cleveland, OH/Columbus, OH (No bus to be taken)

Trip 3 vs. Tennessee SC/FC Alliance – Nashville, TN/Knoxville, TN (Bus/Hotel stay)

Trip 4 vs. Pittsburgh Riverhounds/Western NY Flash – Pittsburgh, PA/Buffalo, NY (Bus/Hotel stay)

Additional showcases (not included in the club travel model) include:
U15-U19 – ECNL Arizona
U16-U17 Only – ECNL Florida National Showcase
U15-U17 Only – ECNL Texas National Showcase

The Boys teams will also go to ECNL Florida, however the rest of their league travel will be confirmed shortly. 

Q: Are parents allowed to travel on the bus with the team? 
A: We will be looking for some parents to volunteer as chaperones for each away trip. Those parents will ride on the bus with the teams. 

Q: Will there be study sessions on the away trips?
A: We will implement study sessions during the bus rides to the away events/games. Study sessions will be 2-4 hours long dependent on playing schedule for the weekend.

Q: If my child doesn't make the ECNL team, what are the other options at FC Pride?
A: FC Pride will continue to offer highly competitive USYSA (MRL and ISL) programs in addition to the ECNL program. We are expecting a large number of our age groups to participate in the MRL due to our current qualification and placement in those leagues which will pre-qualify age groups for next year.

Q: What is an ECNL composite team?
A: A composite team is a second ECNL team that will travel to all of the same weekends as the other ECNL teams. These players will experience the same exposure and play the other clubs in their conference. This team will be a great avenue for players to break into the top ECNL team in the age group. These players will have the same practice schedule as all other ECNL teams. 

Q: How often will ECNL teams train?
A: ECNL teams will train 3 times per week during a week where they have competition at the weekend.  During the competitive times of the year when teams are not competing at the weekend, ECNL teams will also train on Saturday mornings to make a 4th training session for the week.

Q: What is a "Discovery Player"?
A: A “Discovery Player” is a player that is not a full-time member of the ECNL Member Club to which the player is registered. A Discovery Player may appear on an active roster for a team of a non-ECNL Club, or a non-ECNL Team of another ECNL Member Club. In order to be considered a Discovery Player, a player must be explicitly designated as such on the ECNL Roster before such player participates in any ECNL Competition. Discovery Players are eligible to participate in all ECNL Competitions. 

Q: Will there be specialized GK training for ECNL GK's?
A: Yes. We will have a dedicated ECNL GK coach for ECNL teams that will train the ECNL GK's two times a week.

Q: How much will the ECNL uniform cost and what's expected to be purchased?
A: The link for our FC Pride ECNL uniform package for 2018-19 can be found by using this link.

Q: What's the difference between ECNL uniforms and the rest of the club's uniforms?
A: ECNL players will have the ECNL logo on their game uniforms.  Also, ECNL players will receive a travel polo which is covered in their fees.

Q: What is the deposit fee for an ECNL player?
A: The deposit fee will be $250. This amount will be standard club-wide and not just for the ECNL. The deposit will be paid on site at tryouts.

Q: Will the U13 age group be titled Pre-ECNL or will they be a full ECNL team
A: For the first time, U13 teams will be considered full ECNL teams. Their game schedule will mirror the U14 ECNL team.

Q: How does the ECNL tryout process work?
A: Players for ECNL and USYSA programming will tryout together in the allotted timeslot for their age group. All dates and times for our tryouts can be found on under the tryouts tab.  All players planning to tryout are required to attend both tryout nights. Deposits must be paid on site. All ECNL offers will expire after 4 hours.  A player's ECNL position on a specific ECNL age group is ONLY officially accepted once your online team offer and acceptance has been completed through SportsEngine. The confirmation link will be found in your ECNL offer email.  

Q: I received a paper ECNL offer but have not received the online offer, what should I do?
A: First, check your junk or spam mail for the email address If you still do not find an offer, please contact your gender specific FC Pride ECNL Director immediately.

Q: Where can I find the presentation from the February 2017 club meeting?
A: Please use the following link:

Q: If I have a further question(s) that is not covered here, whom do I contact?
A: If at any time you have any further questions regarding the FC Pride's ECNL program not covered in the FAQ, please contact either:

Executive Director of Coaching – Jamie Gilbert: 
Girls ECNL Director of Coaching – McKinley Jones:

Note: The information above is current as of 7/21/18. This information could change at any point and will be updated when new information is presented to FC Pride Soccer Club.