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Rec/Rec Plus

Information Regarding the Program

Our goal is to create a fun environment that is competitive and allows everyone to learn about the game and life lessons. FC Pride plans to accomplish this with fair prices, a pathway to travel for those that want to, online curriculum & lesson plans, online videos, parent & coaches education clinics, player clinics ran by licensed professional coaches, and indoor winter opportunities.

Registration for Spring 2022 season is open.

Spring 2022 Rec Age Groups and Pricing

Pricing will be $115 for U5-U10 and $140 for U11-U19. Includes a jersey and socks. There is a $20 discount if registering before January 1st 2022.

Rec Schedules: 
Spring - Click Here
Fall - Closed

Rec Information:
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How old does my child have to be to play Rec/Rec Plus Soccer at FC Pride?

Rec/Rec Plus soccer at FC Pride is 5U-19U. This is determined by grade. We have an age chart in our registration section if you need assistance in determining what age group to sign up your son or daughter.

Is my child old enough to play in the FC Pride recreational academy?

If your child is born in 2017 or before, then he or she is eligible to play.

When will I hear from a coach?

Coaches will contact you shortly after the coaches meeting (when the coaches receive their rosters and are asked to call their players).   

When will practices begin?

You can find a list of game dates and other important dates on our Schedules tab.

How often do we practice?

Recreational teams (5U-10U) practice once per week for an hour maximum. Recreational Plus teams (12U-19U) practice twice a week for 75 minutes maximum per practice. 

When will I know when my child practices?

We allow coaches to select the night(s) of the week and the time slot for their practice(s). Once the rosters are distributed to the coaches, your coach will contact you and inform you of the practice night and time they have chosen. They can also be found under the Schedules tab.

Can my neighbor’s children participate in a game or practice?

No. Only FC Pride registered players are insured and may participate in practices and games.

Can a coach conduct a practice at their home or Lion’s Park?

No. All practices must be conducted at Lawrence Soccer Complex or at our indoor facility due to liability issues.

When do games start?

You can find a list of game dates and other important dates on our Schedules tab.

How many games are played?

We play 8 games per season, and these are scheduled on mostly Saturday mornings. 

What equipment do I need to have for my child?

5U through 8U need to have a size 3 ball while 9U through 12U need to have a size 4 ball. Players should bring a ball, a water bottle, soccer cleats (not baseball cleats, baseball cleats have a spike at the top center of the sole), and shin guards (with long soccer socks over the shin guards) to each practice and game. A team jersey and matching socks will be provided as part of the registration fee.

Can I receive a refund after registering?

FC Pride has a no refund policy. Many of the costs for a player (registration, insurance, uniform, etc.) are incurred long before the season starts. However, under unusual circumstances we will credit a paid registration to a subsequent soccer season. For any potential refund please contact Holly Coulter at 

Do we play in the rain?

Soccer is an outdoor sport and played in many weather conditions. We will play games in the rain. The decision to cancel a game day is complex and involves field conditions (how much the fields might be damaged and are the fields safe to play on), the forecast, as well as scheduling considerations for whether or not we have the capacity to make up the games at another date. Check the web site frequently on questionable days – it will be updated with the latest field status. It is the coach’s call regarding cancelling practice due to rain if the fields are open (5U's may not have much fun practicing in a heavy rain). If the fields are open it is safe to practice. Absolutely no practices if the fields are closed.

Can a coach or team re-schedule a game?

No. Games will be re-scheduled by the rec soccer coordinator (Holly Coulter).

How are players assigned to teams?

Children of parent coaches are placed on the team with their parent (obviously). Siblings in the same division are placed on the same team unless requested otherwise by a parent. When we are familiar with the stronger players in a division we will explicitly assign those players to different teams. All remaining players are randomly placed on teams in a manner that balances the ages of players between the teams.

Do you take requests for players to play together?

Each request will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Can my child play in an older division (“play up”)?

Each request will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Can my child play in a younger division (“play down”)?

Playing down is permitted for children with special physical or mental needs. Please contact Holly Coulter for such requests. “My child is a little small for their age” is not generally considered a special physical need.

Is there a FC Pride activity scheduled on?

FC Pride makes every effort to do our scheduling in a manner that is as compatible as possible with major school functions, holidays, significant community events, major religious holidays, and other community sports. However, there are a limited number of dates to work with in a season and sometimes we have to compromise with our scheduling. Please understand that we make every effort to accommodate these events when we do our scheduling.

What about conflicts between soccer practices/games and other sports?

FC Pride strongly believes that kids should participate in multiple sports. When possible, we work with the other sports in the community and coordinate our game scheduling (e.g. Fall  flag and youth football). However, conflicts will naturally arise with other practices and games. A few guidelines we try to encourage include: (1) a game in any sport generally takes precedence over a practice in another; (2) try as best as possible to balance which sport is missed when conflicts do arise; (3) most importantly, communicate with your coaches of both sports to make them aware of the conflicts so they can plan accordingly.